About Us

Physiotherapy Clinic, Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne.

Hoppers Physio was established because we believe that a person's wellbeing is a primary concern.

Physiotherapy services include musculoskeletal physiotherapy, podiatry, myotherapy and sports massage, hydrotherapy, clinical pilates, acupuncture and real-time ultrasound.

Our History

Established in 1991, our Hoppers Physiotherapy Centre has grown to become the premier centre for Physiotherapy service in the Wyndham region.

Directors Michael Tricarico, Danny Low, and Rebecca Wait now lead a talented team of clinicians and support staff to provide the community with outstanding care and customer service.

At Hoppers Physiotherapy Centre, we highly value the trust our clients have in us to provide them with the best possible care. Moreover, our experienced physiotherapists are all fully qualified and up-to-date with current treatment methods. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that they use only the highest standards of practice when delivering services and treatments to our clients. Therefore, our dedication to excellence means that you can have complete peace of mind when coming to us for your physiotherapy needs.

Furthermore, we are deeply committed to providing a professional and caring environment where you can feel completely comfortable, knowing that you are receiving the best care possible. When you seek our care, we fully understand and appreciate that you entrust us with your well-being. In order to give you the utmost assurance, our team of fully qualified physiotherapists proudly perform up-to-date treatment methods of the highest standard. They are dedicated to providing the services and treatments that we offer.

Additionally, our Physio team firmly understands that when it comes to your health, nothing is more important. That is precisely why at Hoppers Physio, we are fully dedicated to providing the highest quality care, ensuring that you can feel confident and assured in our services. In conclusion, our commitment to excellence, qualified professionals, and a caring environment make us the ideal choice for your physiotherapy needs.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to maximize the health and wellbeing by
providing outstanding clinical care and service.

Our Values

Professionalism, Compassion, Family, Community

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