The GLA:d program is a globally recognised exercise intervention program designed to manage and treat symptoms of hip and knee osteoarthritis. Developed in Denmark, GLA:d (Good Life with osteoArthritis in Denmark) has gained popularity for its evidence-based approach and effectiveness in improving the quality of life for individuals suffering from osteoarthritis.


GLA:d combines education and targeted exercises to empower individuals to manage their osteoarthritis symptoms effectively. The program typically consists of supervised sessions led by trained healthcare professionals, followed by a period of self-management to maintain the benefits gained.

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Key Components of the GLA:d Program:

  • Education: Participants receive comprehensive education about osteoarthritis, its causes, symptoms, and management strategies. This knowledge empowers individuals to better understand their condition and make informed decisions about their health.
  • Exercise: GLA:d incorporates specific exercises tailored to improve muscle strength, joint stability, flexibility, and overall function. These exercises are designed to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance quality of life for participants.
  • Supervised Sessions: Participants attend supervised group sessions led by certified healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists or exercise specialists. These sessions ensure proper technique, progression, and safety while performing exercises.
  • Progress Tracking: Throughout the program, participants' progress is monitored and tracked to assess improvements in pain, function, and overall well-being. This data helps healthcare professionals tailor the program to individual needs and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Self-Management: Following the supervised sessions, participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills to continue exercising independently at home or in community settings. Self-management strategies empower individuals to take control of their osteoarthritis and maintain long-term benefits.

Benefits of GLA:d Program:

  • Pain Reduction: Studies have shown that participating in the GLA:d program can significantly reduce pain associated with hip and knee osteoarthritis, leading to improved comfort and mobility.
  • Improved Functionality: By strengthening muscles, improving joint stability, and enhancing flexibility, participants experience improved functionality in daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and bending.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life: The combination of education, exercise, and self-management strategies provided by the GLA:d program contributes to an overall improvement in the quality of life for individuals living with osteoarthritis.
  • Long-Term Management: GLA:d emphasises sustainable lifestyle changes and self-care practices, enabling participants to manage their osteoarthritis effectively over the long term and reduce reliance on medication or invasive treatments.