What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a health care profession that specifically treats conditions that affect the feet and lower limbs (ankle to knee). The range of conditions include:

  • skin and nail disorders
  • joint disorders caused by arthritis
  • ingrown toe nails
  • circulatory problems
  • neurological disorders
  • ankle sprains
  • knee pain
  • sports-related injuries


Podiatry treatment provided by our qualified podiatrists includes assessing such things as your ‘gait’ (or walking style), footwear, prominent day-to-day activities and discussing any previous medical conditions. Your podiatrist will also recommend a total treatment plan to improve your condition and aim to prevent recurrence of your podiatric issues. In some cases, orthotic shoe inserts may be prescribed, which can be very effective in correcting many of the underlying causes of postural misalignment, ankle tendinopathy and knee pain.

Podiatry services are rebatable with private health insurance and available under EPC program, DVA, Workcover and TAC.

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