Clinical Programs are an exercise methodology that centres on developing core & limb strength to improve pain, movement, posture and co-ordination. The exercises can be performed either as floor exercises on a mat or by utilising pilates-specific equipment called reformer beds, core align, Trapeze tables & gym balls.

What are Clinical Programs?

Specific exercises performed in a variety of ways including floor exercises, ball exercises, on reformer beds, the trapeze table, core align or via use of the cable machine.

The exercises all target the core whilst also being able to address various muscle groups for strengthening and balance. They can be modified to suit beginners to advanced levels and modified throughout should your needs change.

Hoppers Physio and Pilates

Our gym also contains a treadmill and stationary bike for aerobic exercise and other equipment to further challenge your balance and stability requirements.

Prior to performing a clinical program at Hoppers Physio a thorough assessment is used to assess your range and strength and set goals. Risks are identified and the program is designed that is safe for your condition and meets your needs. A real time ultrasound can be performed to assess your core muscle control and activation and ensure correct engagement is occurring when you activate your core.

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