What are Active Birth Classes?

Active Birth refers to a range of methods and techniques that you can adopt to prepare for pregnancy and birth.

These include:
• relaxation exercises
• distraction techniques
• pelvic floor therapy
• partner and/or other support massage
• using a TENS machine (a device that stimulates the release of endorphins (considered as natural pain relief) through pulsed electrical stimulus)

The Benefits of Active Birth Classes

Our Active Birth Classes run for 2 hours are designed to educate both you and your partner, and any other person that you’ve chosen to support you through your labour. The classes aim to teach you about the range of active birth techniques and methods so you can have greater control over the management of your labour and birth of your child, and ultimately help you to cope better with the intensity of this time with little or no drugs.

Our next active birth class is on Wednesday 8th March @ 6pm - 8pm

Speak with our reception team to book and join us at our next class.