What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic condition whereby the body develops an inability to produce insulin, or the correct level of it, which is necessary to turn glucose from foods that you eat into energy. The glucose remains in the blood and thus causes high blood glucose levels as found in people with diabetes.

Physio and Diabetes

Physiotherapists are becoming increasingly involved in prevention programs and we are proud to be a part of the Diabetes Australia Life! courses. Fully government-funded, the courses are taught on-site by a trained facilitator and a dietician, and over the past four years the courses have proven to be extremely successful. The course focuses on how you can improve your diet and nutrition to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease. An AUDRISK assessment for Type 2 Diabetes is a prerequisite to qualify for the 5 fortnightly sessions.

Services we offer

As physiotherapists we are well placed to offer various services to help you manage the affects of diabetes, such as:

  • care for foot problems
  • creating exercise programs to encourage activity and regulate insulin levels
  • devise a custom plan if you have complications.

Speak with our reception about how we can help and about the AUDRISK assessment.


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