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  • Clinical Pilates

    Pilates is great way to develop you're core strength and improve movement, posture and co-ordination. We like to use this 130 year-old technique as an injury rehabilitation method where you'll get to perform prescribed exercises on pilates-specific reformers and trapeze equipment.

  • Pilates for Mums

    Pregnancy, delivery and recovery can differ from woman to woman so a Pilates for Mums class is a perfect way to do a strengthening program that can be as individual as your needs.

  • Active Kids

    This is a class that’s designed to challenge the fitness of your child or teenager (3-16 yo).It is based on the principles of pilates, and the exercises aim to improve fitness, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.

  • Diabetes Prevention

    We're keen advocates of diabetes prevention and proud to be able to offer the Diabetes Australia Life! courses. If you're a diabetes suffer take advantage of these fully government-funded courses that are taught on-site by a trained facilitator and a dietician.

  • Podiatry

    Podiatry deals with problematic conditions that effect the feet and lower limbs. Our initial assessment covers such things as your ‘gait’ (walking style), footwear, and prominent day-to-day activities. Meet with our podiatrist who can devise a total treatment plan.

  • Remedial Massage & Myotherapy

    A remedial massage from one of our therapists will leave you with a great sense of all-over calm. They are specifically-skilled to manipulate muscles correctly and effectively relax muscles, alleviate pain and stiffness, and increase flexibility to facilitate injury recovery.

About Us

Hoppers Physio was established because we believe that a person's wellbeing is a primary concern.

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Our services

We offer an extensive range of therapies and services for a diversity of injuries and conditions.

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Our Classes

All classes are conducted by fully qualified physiotherapists.

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Hoppers Physio Services

Physiotherapy Clinic, Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne. Physiotherapy services include musculoskeletal physiotherapy, podiatry, myotherapy and sports massage, hydrotherapy, clinical pilates, acupuncture and real time ultrasound.