Is your mobility slowing you down?

What is a mobility concern?

Mobility concerns can affect a range of age groups, from babies to athletes and the elderly. Essentially, mobility is the ability to move – this could be running, walking, navigating a wheelchair or walking with aids like crutches or walkers. Your mobility may have deteriorated due to an injury, accident, operation or a disease.

Our Hoppers Crossing Physiotherapists can assist with your mobility concerns to get you moving as safely, efficiently and confidently as possible. We may use a variety of techniques and walking aids to get you moving again and feeling strong.  

First, your experienced physio practitioner will assess your movement and will be able to tell whether some of your muscles are weak, tight or not working as well as they could be.

They may give you strengthening, flexibility and balancing exercises for the muscles and guide you to the right pattern of moving again.

If your Hoppers Physio feels you could benefit from a walking aid they can assist in ordering the right one and teach you how to use it – walking aids can help at times to prevent compensation pains or limps.

They may go with you outside and practice outside terrains and steps.

How you walk is known as ‘Gait’ – your physio will assess and if need be assist you in correcting your gait.

They will also look at preventing future injury and falls by giving you recommendations/suggestions for different scenario’s. 

If you are concerned about how you’re moving, please contact our team of experienced physio practitioners at or book online so we can help you achieve better health and happiness to enjoy life to the fullest!