Changes to private health care

It’s that time of year where we have heard a lot of talk about sourcing private health insurance.

But are you aware of the recent changes altering private health care?

This month, from April 1st we have seen major changes to the policies available.

To explain, the Australian government introduced reforms to help make the selection process of choosing the right cover a much simpler process.

Essentially, private health insurers are required to categorise all private health cover into 4 tiers; being gold, silver, bronze and basic.

Each with minimum inclusions and the minimum basic level beginning at the start of the tier and progressing to a more holistic cover as you move towards selecting gold.

Additionally, health insurance providers will be able to offer discounts to those aged between 18-29, offer travel and accommodation benefits for those who must travel long distances to receive hospital care, improved access to mental health treatment and will no longer be offering some benefits for natural therapies as apart of extras.

However, if you are someone who already has private health insurance your insurer will inform you of which tier your policy is categorised in.
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