Stronger when you’re older!

Physical therapy is ideal for an ageing person because it is aimed at reducing pain, increasing mobility, and regaining function and balance.

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Seniors

1. Helps manage pain

Back, neck, and joint pain are common complaints for older people. One of the main culprits is arthritis, and as the pain progresses for some, they are more likely to remain idle. However, the lack of movement and exercise can actually worsen the condition. The lack of physical activity can cause stiffness and poor circulation, which in turn causes aches and discomfort.

Physiotherapy involves gentle and controlled movements, so it is a great way for the elderly to regain mobility and improve circulation. After several sessions, you can start to feel less pain and have more energy.

2. Builds strength and improves balance

As you get older, your stability weakens and you are more prone to falls and slips. And if you don’t get any exercise, your body will only become weaker. Through the controlled environment of physical therapy, you can regain and increase your strength as well as improve your balance.

3. Recuperate from fractures

If you had an accident or illness that resulted in a fracture, a physiotherapist can help you during and after your hospitalisation and recovery. They will let you do exercises that will help you regain movement and strength so you can get back to your daily routine. Since there is a professional assisting you with the workout, you can feel more confident that you won’t overwork yourself or worsen your condition.

4. Prepare for and heal from surgery

Before undergoing any procedure, you want to make sure that you are healthy and prepared. Physical therapy exercises can help in improving circulation. As a result, cells and tissues are healthy since they get the oxygen and nutrients they need. Thus, you are also well and strong enough to have surgery.

After the procedure, physiotherapy sessions can be helpful with your recovery as you work to regain mobility and strength.

5. Be more mobile and independent 

As you slowly become stronger and more active and flexible, you can move around better, more confidently, and more independently. You can do more activities with reduced pain and difficulty. Buying groceries, going for long walks, gardening, and visiting family and friends can be more enjoyable experiences. You get to live more, and enjoy better overall health.

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