Do you suffer from aching or sore feet?


SpikeyBallHaving aching/sore arches of your feet is very common, most jobs require us to be standing on our feet for long period of time or for some women have to wear uncomfortable heals in the office.
There are many ways you can help ease these aches and pains. A simple way you can reduce the pain is by some self-massage techniques. One great technique you can use is rolling on a spikey ball. Some steps you can follow are:

1. Place spikey ball on the floor
2. Place foot on top of the spikey ball
3. Roll foot forward and backward 10-15 times
4. Repeat steps on the other foot

This technique is a simple and easy way to loosen up the muscles in your feet.
You can also use this same technique with some household items such as a golf ball, tennis ball or even a frozen drink bottle. However if you suffer from sore ankles the best measures to take are to place your feet in a warm bucket of water with 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts for approximately 30 minutes.