What is Hydrotherapy?

Many people have heard the word ‘Hydrotherapy’ but don’t really know what it involves.
So, our Hoppers Crossing Physiotherapy team at Hoppers Physio want to take the opportunity to take a little dive into what hydrotherapy physio is all about… 

Hydrotherapy is a specific form of physiotherapy treatment conducted in a heated pool with one of our Hoppers Physio qualified physiotherapists. It is a gentle and therapeutic approach that uses aquatic exercises designed to aid in the rehabilitation of various injuries and conditions.

But, how does it work?
Hydrotherapy involves a series of gentle exercises designed for patients individually and is carried out in a heated pool of about 34ºC. The warm environment allows greater comfort and range of movement as the water helps to support the body.
These gentle and therapeutic exercises can be progressed safely using the resistance of the water to strengthen the muscles and improve stability.
The warmth increases circulation, reduces muscle spasm and helps to decrease pain.
Hydrotherapy helps mobilise joints, strengthen muscles, develop balance and coordination, reduce swelling with hydrostatic pressure, relieve back and neck pain, arthritis, assist with post-operative rehabilitation.

 It’s especially good if you have a difficult underlying condition as regular treatment can effectively improve your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, strength and balance, and increase your ability to relax.

Hoppers Physio Physiotherapists combine their knowledge in movement and functional restoration with the therapeutic effects of exercise in water to help you achieve your health goals.

Some conditions that may benefit from Hydrotherapy are:

Back Pain, Sciatica, Lumbar instability
Sports Injuries
Balance and Coordination
Shoulder and Arm Pain
Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Rehabilitation following fractures, joint replacement surgery or tendon pain

Before participating in hydrotherapy an assessment by one of our experienced Hoppers Crossing physiotherapists is necessary. We will evaluate your specific condition or ailment before you can qualify for a hydrotherapy session. During the assessment we will identify your condition and set goals for you to work toward so you can experience an improvement.

Hydrotherapy classes are held at the Aquapulse in Hoppers Crossing in the heated pool. Classes are conducted by a physiotherapist with a special interest in aquatic therapy who will be aware of your goals. 

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