Avoid common injuries this summer

Summer holidays are in full flow, bringing with them that much needed relaxed, easy-going vibe, and probably more or different activity than over the colder months. Unfortunately, this change in activity can often be a trigger for some common injuries. Following we’ll touch on some of the more common injuries and how you can help to avoid them.

Aching feet

As the weather heats up, we become more inclined to slip out of our more enclosed shoes and into a pair of thongs, or no shoes at all. Consequently, this is often followed by aching feet due to the sudden change to the position of the foot. The resulting injuries can include plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the fibrous connective tissue at the underside of the foot), achilles tendinitis (inflammation of the achilles tendon) or sprained ankles.

To help with avoiding the outcome of injury, try wearing sandals or thongs that provide support for the arches of the feet.

Knee pain

With the onset of warmer weather comes the growing desire to get out an exercise, whether that be energetic walks, running, cycling or other activities that make more load-bearing use of the legs. As this usually follows a season of relative inactivity, knee pain is often the result. Various factors can cause knee pain, such as weakness of the quads or glutes.

Try to ease into exercise, include a warm-up, and gradually build up the length and intensity of training. Also make sure that your wearing an appropriate, well-fitting and supportive pair of shoes.

Shoulder problems

There are a lot of summer activities that ask more of the shoulders, such as swimming, tennis, beach volleyball and even surfing. These activities also tend to be highly repetitive and rely on shoulder strength and flexibility. Symptoms of shoulder problems can include weakness and pain, particularly when lifting the arm.

If you’re not a regular with these activities, avoid lengthy sessions, and if you begin to experience pain in the shoulder, stop and have a break from that activity.

Lower back pain

Whether you’re suddenly partaking in activity after hibernating through winter, spending long hours on your feet as you meander around a holiday location or you’ve been working hard and now wish to spend your time relaxing on the lounge – you may find that you begin to experience lower back pain. This can be due to numerous factors, such as unsupportive shoes, poor posture, weak core muscles or poor form.

It could be beneficial to partake in activities that help to improve your posture and core strength. Activities such as Pilates, yoga or Tai Chi are good options, provided that the instructor is properly trained. It is also important to avoid remaining sedentary for extended periods, as this can cause stiffness and compression of the spine.

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