Do you need gait analysis?

gait analysisDo you need gait analysis?

Have you suffered from an injury, illness or deformity that may have affected your posture and/or the way that your body moves? Do you feel like walking or running is or has become more difficult than it should be? Then you may want to consider having a gait analysis.

Gait analysis involves just that, the analysis of how you walk or run through observation and assessment. If you have poor technique in relation walking or running it can result in injuries due directly to poor form or as a result of the compensations being made in other areas of the body. It may also be an indication of an existing underlying injury. That foot, hip or back pain could actually be the result of your body moving differently to compensate for a knee injury.

In terms of fitness, a poor walking or running gait can also be quite inefficient. If you are a beginner to running you may want to consider having a gait analysis to assess your walking pattern. This will ensure that you won’t be causing any abnormal stress forces on your joints or muscles.

Some commonly experienced gait problems include:

  • Leaning too far forward
  • Inability to lift the toes up (foot drop)
  • Difficulty clearing the ground when swinging your leg forward
  • Inability to support weight fully enough due to a stroke or neurological disorder
  • Leaning too far backward, placing too much weight back on your heel
  • Poor balance

To prevent a poor gait becoming a long-term habit and to decrease your risk of injury schedule an appointment with our Hoppers Physios in Hoppers Crossing. Our experienced Physiotherapists will conduct your gait analysis, providing you with a full assessment and treatment plan. You can contact us on (03) 9749 5110.