Ankle sprain

Lateral Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprain – is one of the most common injuries that occur in sports. They are most prevalent in fast-change-of-direction sports such as footy, basketball and netball. These injuries most commonly occur when changing direction, landing from jumps, or even landing on an opponent’s foot.  

What are the ankle ligaments? 

Ligaments are strong bands of connective tissue that connect bone to bone. Ligaments help support the ankle and provide stability during everyday tasks such as walking and running. The lateral ligaments of the ankle are most commonly injured and are made up of 3 thin bands, as shown in the image below. The medial aspect of the ankle is made up of a very strong, fan-shaped ligament; thus, injuries to this are less common. 




How do we grade the injuries? 

Ankle sprains can be classified according to a 1-3 grading system.  

  • Grade 1 sprains consist of some stretching of the ligament on a microscopic level 
  • Grade 2 sprains involve partial tearing of the ligaments 
  • Grade 3 sprains are a complete rupture of the ligaments. 

Recovery time frames will differ depending on the severity of your injury. However,  your physiotherapist will be able to determine this.

How do we treat an ankle sprain? 

The treatment goals are to restore ankle movement, strength, balance and proprioception. Treatment may involve hands-on treatment, but most importantly, a home exercise program. The use of taping or bracing may also be used upon return to sport.  

While ankle sprains are very common, if not rehabbed properly, there is a very high risk of re-injury in the future. Book an appointment online or call the team at Hoppers Physio on 9749 5110 to get the ankle assessed and begin an appropriate rehab plan.