Repetitive ankle sprain and chronic ankle instability

ankle sprainRepetitive ankle sprain and chronic ankle instability

Do you find that your ankles constantly give way, falling outwards, or maybe you have trouble balancing when walking on uneven surfaces?

Repeated spraining of your ankle causes the connective tissues or ligaments to stretch or tear, leaving the ankle in a long-term (chronically) unstable state. This instability leaves your ankles prone to giving way, generally whilst walking or during other activities, and may also happen when simply standing.

Other common experiences of those suffering from chronic ankle instability include:

  • Ankle repeatedly turning, particularly when on uneven surfaces or during sporting activities
  • Constant and persistent discomfort and swelling
  • Pain and/or tenderness
  • Feeling unstable (wobbly) in the ankle

Ankle instability usually becomes chronic when an ankle sprain has not adequately healed or was not appropriately rehabilitated. This can result in repeated ankle sprains, each one further weakening (stretching) the ligaments, resulting in greater instability and risking the development of additional ankle-related issues. Appropriate rehabilitation involves strengthening the muscles surrounding the ankle and retraining the tissues that are involved with balance. It may include physical therapy, bracing and the use of medications to help reduce pain and inflammation.

In some cases, surgery may be required, however before it reaches that stage you should seek the treatment from of our experienced Hoppers Physio’s. Our highly trained Physiotherapists are here to provided you with a full assessment and treatment plan. Schedule an appointment with one of our friendly Hoppers Physios today on (03) 9749 5110.