Importance of Warm Ups

April News 2015

The Importance of doing a Warm-Up

No matter how old the participants, never underestimate the importance of the warm-up or cool-down
Warm-up activities should be incorporated into training and competition routines. The warm-up prepares the body for activity, as well as helping to prevent injury to muscles, which can be more susceptible to injury when cold. So as we come into winter the warm up is especially important.

Parts to a warm up.
The warm-up should incorporate the muscle groups and activities that are required during training or competition. For example if you’re warming up for a game of hockey your warm up should include some light jogging and gentle stick drills. The intensity of the warm-up should begin at a low level gradually building to the level of intensity required during your exercise.

For most people, 5 to 10 minutes is enough. However in cold weather the duration of the warm-up should be increased.
The warm-up aims to:

  • prepare the body and mind for the activity
  • increase the body’s core temperature
  • increase heart rate
  • increase breathing rate.

young fitness woman runner running at forest trail

By completing a decent length warm up you’re not only reducing your risk of injury you’re also going to perform better in your activity too because you’re body is prepared properly. Talk to us about specific warm up activities if you’d like some advice on where to start.