Bone Health – Osteoporosis


As we age our body will change and many people tend to slow down or significantly reduce their activity levels.

For some people their health conditions prevent them from exercising causing further deterioration in their health. For example, the incidence of osteoporosis, or decreased bone density, tends to increase as people age and move less.  There are many risk factors to osteoporosis including:

  • Women in menopause due to lower levels of oestrogen that cause calcium loss from the bones and increased risk of fractures
  • Other factors such as low activity levels, alcohol intake, family history, certain medical conditions and medications, and being overweight may all play a role in osteoporosis.

It is important to check your Vitamin D and calcium levels as they are both essential for strong and healthy bones.  It is said that prevention is better than cure so remember to eat well, exercise regularly, reduce your alcohol intake as it can affect calcium absorption and ensure good levels of Vitamin D and calcium.

Here at Hoppers Physio, our physios can help you create an individualised exercise program to support you in achieving your health goals, our dietitian can assist you with your dietary requirements and we also have a naturopath on board for assistance with supplements and health and wellbeing maintenance/management.