Cervical Headaches

Cervical Headaches

Headaches are a very common and debilitating condition. Whilst there are many forms of headaches with numerous causes, your neck is a very common source. This is not surprising considering our work commitments and the length of time we spend faced with the computer. It’s our prolonged posture in sitting that eventually leads to potential problems over time.

Experimental studies show that the upper 3 vertebrae are intimately related to the same nerves that supply our face and head. It is therefore easy for the message of neck pain to be confused with pain around the head and hence cause headaches.


As Physiotherapists, our specialised skills allows us to assess and treat the underlying cause and alleviate pain. When we assess people suffering from headaches, there are some common areas of interest. The following are just a few:

  1. Assessment of your sitting posture
  2. Assessment of your range of movement of your neck (cervical spine)
  3. Assessment of the deep muscles of the neck as well as the associated strength of your scapula muscles that contribute to posture

After a thorough assessment, we then can make a treatment plan for your condition and prescribe the relevant exercises for you to manage your condition long-term.