How to stay active in winter 


Focus on staying dry not warm. Avoid cotton fabrics and wear synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon which are designed to dry quicklyA lightweight nylon jacket can be a good option for windy days or a water-resistant jacket if there’s a mild drizzle. Unfortunately, the more water resistant the jacket is the more it will trap moisture and warmth. Arm/knee warmers can also be a great option that easily fit into a pocket if you heat up during your exercise.  


Completing a 5-10minute warm up at home can be beneficial to increase blood flow to the muscles and reduce injury risk. Particularly more important in winter, you may want to do some low-intensity, dynamic exercises before you leave home so you start your workout warm. 

Exercise buddy or sporting team: 

Having a buddy or team can be a great motivator to continue to stay active through winter. Belonging to a group of like-minded people or companionship can help to make exercising more enjoyable. Committing to a time also makes both parties accountable such as participating in a game 6pm every Monday night or meeting at 7am to walk to the local café each Wednesday. 


Only available to exercise at night when its darkThere are many local football grounds that have their lights on at night to allow people to exercise at night. Look at the weather for the week and plan your exercise on dry days if this is a barrier for you. Find a local gym with a casual entry fee as a back-up wet weather option.