August 2014 Physio Tips with Rebecca Wait

Pilates develops strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, balance and good posture with a much lower chance of injury than other forms of exercise. What’s great about Pilates? When our muscles are weak they make compensations for each other which then leads to instability and injury. Pilates is an exercise system that emphasises correct form and core strength. It encourages all of the muscles to work in synchronization with each other. Pilates heightens your body awareness which in turn improves your overall agility, flexibility and strength. It is a great safe way to recover from injury or to prevent an injury by ensuring your body is working at its optimal level.


It enables sports people to get the most from their body and works on your posture and promoting healthy movement patterns. Is Pilates for me? Pilates can benefit all ages and capabilities from the sporting elite to the older person wanting gentle exercise to those with joint and back injuries or pregnant ladies. If you’d like to join Pilates with Hoppers Physio simply book in with reception for your two initial sessions. Your first consultation will be a real time ultrasound assessment and during the second consultation you’ll get to experience the gym and the clinical Pilates systems we use. From there you can jump into a variety of 1 on 1, semi private or group classes that suit your needs.