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Returning to exercise

For some of us, returning to exercise is right on our list!

Life simply happens and sometimes we can become caught up in other events or activities that find us stuck for time.

Following discusses tips and tricks to be mindful of on your way to improving your fitness.

By simply starting off with something simple, is a great way to get back into exercising and get a routine going again.

This could be going for a brisk walk on your lunch breaks, light jogs, completing simple circuits or even participating in group workout classes. At Hoppers Physio, we also offer classes such as our Mums and Bubs exercise class and a range of pilates classes which are each great for every type of fitness level and run at a range of timeslots, to suit even the busiest of schedules!

This is a great way to get started and feeling good, without being overwhelmed, additionally, this is also a fantastic way to build that motivation to continue establishing your routine.

If you’re finding it hard to find time, even by starting off to committing to just 10 minutes is a great way to get things going… and who knows you may just keep going and extend that 10 minutes.

Another tip is to set yourself a new goal each month to keep up the momentum. This may be adding more reps to your workout, trying a new class or trying a new workout which you may add to your routine to change things up – it’s as simple as that!

Alternatively, another great tip is to work out with a friend. Getting yourself a gym buddy is also a perfect way to boost motivation, it means you can hold each other accountable to stick to exercising, and the best part is it adds that social aspect so you’re also benefiting your social health whilst keeping fit! It’s a win-win because you’ll also have fun whilst doing it!

At Hoppers Physio in Melbourne’s west, we’re passionate to helping other get back on track and improving their overall health. If you would like more personalised advice to get back into exercise after a break, whether it’s from surgery or injury, contact our friendly team a Hoppers Physio today on (03) 9749 5110

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