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Lumbar Disc Pathology

The lumbar disc acts as a shock absorber in our lower back and as a result, is subject to trauma. 80% of us at some point in our life will suffer from low back pain. When the lumbar disc is implicated, it often bulges and pushes on nerves which elicits pain and disability.

Disc injury can be categorised according to its severity by the following terminology:

  1. Bulge – A mild distortion of the disc without disruption
  2. Protrusion – A moderate distortion of the disc without disruption
  3. Extrusion – Severe distortion of the disc with mild disruption
  4. Sequestration – Ruptured disc with material free.

Seeing a Physiotherapist can those with lumbar disc pathology in several ways by:

  • Using manual therapy to reduce pain and stiffness in and around the area
  • Corrective stretches to stabilise the disc and increase flexibility
  • Rehabilitation exercises and/or Hydrotherapy exercises
  • Activity modification to limit pain in early stages

With the correct advice and exercises, the majority of these disc bulges can be rectified by your physiotherapist returning you back to normal life.

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