What you can do for Hip Pain

Are you experiencing hip pain? Is it located on the outside of your hip? Is there pain when lying on that side? Or do you experience pain when standing on one leg? You may be experiencing greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS). GTPS is the umbrella term to describe pain on the outside of the hip. This […]

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Exercise as we age

As we get older, there are a few things that are common knowledge. We tend to slow down, recover slower and feel like we can’t do as much as when we were younger. Although true in some facets, the same cannot be said for the benefits of exercise throughout each stage of life. Exercise tends […]

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Strength training

In-season strength training: Why it’s important for sports performance and prevention of injury.

It is well known amongst most people, particularly among athletes, the importance of having some form of a strengthening and athletic development program for sports performance. During the pre-season, many athletes use the time away from competition to perform a thorough program. What’s more interesting to note, particularly within local and club level sports, is […]

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