Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck pain is a common source of headache pain. This occurs due to stiffness or sprain to the top 3 joints in the neck or a strain of the surrounding muscles. The nerves that carry these pain signals cross over with the nerves that carry signals from your face, especially from areas of your temple or across your forehead. The brain then gets confused where these messages are coming from, and means you will experience both pains at the same time. A physiotherapist can help with the diagnosis of these neck associated headaches which are known as cervicogenic headaches.  

This condition is commonly seen in those with an occupation that requires repetitive neck movements like looking up and down at a computer desk or turning side to side driving a forklift. It can also occur with sustained poor neck and shoulder posture whilst driving or working at a desk.  

Your physiotherapist will help discover the underlying cause of your pain, treat it with manual therapy and a combination of exercises and stretches to help prevent its recurrence