cervicogenic headaches

Cervicogenic Headaches

In this video, Michael Tricarico from Hoppers Physiotherapy discusses the areas of origin that can cause cervicogenic headaches and provides information about the recommendations and treatment plans physiotherapists can assist with. If you are experiencing  pain, cervicogenic headaches contact our clinic on (03) 9749 5110 or book an appointment online 

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Stiff Neck? It's likely Wry Neck

Stiff Neck? Its likely Wry Neck

Have you ever experienced neck pain after a quick movement to your neck or woken up with a stiff neck? This could be a condition called Wry Neck. What is Wry Neck? Wry neck occurs when the joints on one side of your neck become stiff. This may result in pain, movement restriction or stiffness […]

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Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck pain is a common source of headache pain. This occurs due to stiffness or sprain to the top 3 joints in the neck or a strain of the surrounding muscles. The nerves that carry these pain signals cross over with the nerves that carry signals from your face, especially from areas of your temple or across your forehead. […]

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