Stiff Neck? It's likely Wry Neck

Stiff Neck? Its likely Wry Neck

Have you ever experienced neck pain after a quick movement to your neck or woken up with a stiff neck? This could be a condition called Wry Neck. What is Wry Neck? Wry neck occurs when the joints on one side of your neck become stiff. This may result in pain, movement restriction or stiffness […]

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Scar Tissue management

Scar tissue massage:  Therapy to scar tissue can have some fantastic results!   Here is one of our clients who had a biceps tenodesis (a procedure to fix issues with the biceps tendon). His scar was very inflamed initally as you can see in the left photo it is quite raised. Five weeks later and you can barely see the scar!  Scaring occurs […]

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