Scar Tissue management

Scar tissue massage: 

Therapy to scar tissue can have some fantastic results!  

Here is one of our clients who had a biceps tenodesis (a procedure to fix issues with the biceps tendon). His scar was very inflamed initally as you can see in the left photo it is quite raised. Five weeks later and you can barely see the scar! 

Scaring occurs following an injury to soft tissue such as your skin. This is result following surgery, an accident or disease that leaves a wound. Scaring is a healing process that continue to grow and change over 12-18 months. Early Inflammation can cause the scar to swell and appear red. It is during this phase where new cells come to the area and build scar tissue known as collagen. Overtime the scar tissue matures and will naturally soften and fade in colour.  

Scar massage is a technique that is commonly used to improve the appearance of a scar and improve flexibility of the tissue.  

When can I start massaging my scar? 

Typically, you can start massaging your scar once your sutures have been removed and the wound has closed over. This would usually be two weeks following surgery.  


Use either your thumb or two fingers and apply firm pressure along the scar line in a small circular motion. Pressure should be tolerable.  Vitamin E cream is preferable to use.

Massage the scar line for 5 minutes up to 5 times daily.