Stiff Neck? It's likely Wry Neck

Stiff Neck? Its likely Wry Neck

Have you ever experienced neck pain after a quick movement to your neck or woken up with a stiff neck? This could be a condition called Wry Neck.

What is Wry Neck?

Wry neck occurs when the joints on one side of your neck become stiff. This may result in pain, movement restriction or stiffness on one side, making it difficult to turn your head to do daily tasks such as computer work, driving or looking down at your phone and book. The evidence on why this condition can occur is mixed, with no strong cause identified. People who have had Wry Neck or a stiff neck may be more likely to suffer this again. On occasion, it can cause muscle pain in the neck or headaches.

How yo treat Wry Neck?

This condition is commonly treated by a physiotherapist by using manual therapy and soft tissue techniques. This allows the joints to move optimally and helps with the overlying muscle spasm.

Your physiotherapist will prescribe exercises and stretches to restore the range of motion in your neck and get you back to your normal self.

Treatment for a Stiff Neck

If you think you need treatment on your neck, contact the Hoppers Crossing Physio team at 9749 5110 or book online to see one of our physiotherapists.