Thrower’s Shoulder

Throwers shoulder is a term used to describe pain that occurs when throwing a ball. This is due to instability at the shoulder joint and/or rotator cuff pathology.  This can develop due to loss of structural integrity or dysfunction of the dynamic stabilizers that control the movement of the humerus in the shoulder joint.  

Typically, individuals who suffer from throwers shoulder may feel the sensation of their joint slipping, giving way, or feeling loose.  The sensation of a weak arm in certain positions may also be present. 

If left untreated and an individual continues to abuse their injury by overplaying, not resting, or persisting with poor biomechanics or technique this can lead to chronic instability issues and even dislocations.  

A Physiotherapy assessment includes a detailed analysis of throwing load (frequency and throws per week), range of motion, stability, strength testing, and scapular positioning. Deficiencies are identified and then a three-month strength and stability program can be described.