Adductor injuries

As preseason for the 2021 soccer season as well as the return of the A-League, it is important to ensure our bodies are capable of the load that will be required when the season commences. Soccer players are the most at risk of developing adductors strains that can result in leg and groin pain. This type of injury is one of the most commonly seen in soccer players due to the nature of the game which requires both repetitive forward and lateral movements such as tackling or intercepting a pass. 

The adductors are a group of muscles found in the inner thigh and around the groin. They are primarily responsible for adduction of the leg (bringing the leg back the midline of the body) and tend to strain when they are being overstretched I.e., lunging for a tackle.  

Symptoms for an adductor strain usually involve pain when taking the leg away from the midline of the body, quickly accelerating from a stationary start or changing direction while running. It can often feel like a sharp pain that quickly dissipates but will consistently aggravate with the above actions. 

Treatment for an adductor strain typically involves a graded returned to training that focuses on mobility and strength of the adductor muscles as well as the other primary muscle groups of the leg (glutes, hamstrings, calves).  

If you think you have injured your groin/adductor, book in with one of our highly skilled Physiotherapists who will get you back on your way to ensure you can play a full season of sport this year.