Shin Splints – all you need to know

Pain at the front of your shin? This could be shin splints! 

Pain that is exercise induced and occurs along the lower third of the shin bone is called medial tibial stress syndrome or more commonly ‘shin splints’ 

Pain typically develops from a spike in load such as an increase in frequency, the duration of exercise or changing to a harder surface. The biomechanics of you walking or running style can also play a part such as excessive pronation at the foot or even wearing footwear with inadequate foot support. These factors cause excessive tractional forces on the shin bons surface causing inflammation and pain. 

This syndrome is common in runners with up to 20% of individuals suffering with pain during their lifetime. It is also quite common in individuals who are overweight and start exercising due to the sudden increase in load through their shin.  

Physiotherapist will assess your exercise program and give you advice about changing your load. Biomechanics will be assessed from the pelvis to your feet and a rehabilitation plan will be made on this accordingly to keep you active! 


By Gabby Boardman (physiotherapist)