Stiff Neck? It's likely Wry Neck

Stiff Neck? Its likely Wry Neck

Have you ever experienced neck pain after a quick movement to your neck or woken up with a stiff neck? This could be a condition called Wry Neck. What is Wry Neck? Wry neck occurs when the joints on one side of your neck become stiff. This may result in pain, movement restriction or stiffness […]

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Hydrotherapy- How it could help you turn the corner in your rehab

Rehabilitation from injuries can be a long-term process. For certain conditions, factors such as pain, strength, range of motion, reduced aerobic fitness and other medical conditions can hinder your progressions in rehab with your physiotherapist.  If this situation sounds similar for you, then you may be an ideal candidate for trying hydrotherapy! What is Hydrotherapy? […]

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Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are a group of conditions affecting the most used joints in the body, mostly in the elbow, wrist and shoulder. These strains are mainly job related, and could happen to everyone from desk workers to tradespeople. The most common RSI’s are  Tennis Elbow: Pain and discomfort on the outside of the elbow, common in workers that sit […]

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