Hip and knee osteoarthritis treatment at Hoppers crossing physiotherapy

Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis currently affects approximately 3.6 million Australians. Equally, approximately 2 million people live with some form of knee and/or hip osteoarthritis. Furthermore, It is more common in females, people who are overweight and people suffering from a previous injury. It is a condition that leads to painful joints and surrounding tissues, difficulty moving and has […]

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exercise as we age golf

Importance of Exercise as we age

Another year older means another year wiser, but unfortunately, getting older also means our bodies can undergo many changes. While physical decline is normal with ageing, a lack of physical activity and exercise can further contribute to this decline. These include: reduced muscle and bone strength, reduced balance, reduced joint flexibility, reduced cardiovascular and respiratory […]

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Hydrotherapy- How it could help you turn the corner in your rehab

Rehabilitation from injuries can be a long-term process. For certain conditions, factors such as pain, strength, range of motion, reduced aerobic fitness and other medical conditions can hinder your progressions in rehab with your physiotherapist.  If this situation sounds similar for you, then you may be an ideal candidate for trying hydrotherapy! What is Hydrotherapy? […]

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Osteo Arthritis and Exercise

. What can you do? Our Hoppers Crossing team of Physiotherapists have a great interest in the field of sport and exercise medicine. Each practitioner keeps an eye on the latest research and uses this knowledge in the management of all our patients in order to provide the best possible care and accompanying treatment plan. […]

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