Time for new runners?

“What runners should I buy?” This is a question we get asked all most every day. The answer is unique to every person as footwear choice depends on many factors.

Typical things your physiotherapist will consider when discussing your footwear options:

  • What activity do you need the shoes for?
  • Have your goals changed? E.g. Are you looking at doing more speed work rather than distance?
  • Are you just starting this activity or are you experienced?
  • Your current weight
  • The surface you’re exercising on
  • Are you a heel, mid-foot or forefoot striker?
  • That’s important to you? E.g., Comfort, performance or style

Three tips I have when looking for new runners at your local shop:

  1. Look for comfortable fit. If they are not comfortable this will alter the way you run and may lead to injury.
  2. Go for a jog and listen to your footstep. You shouldn’t be able to hear any thudding or slapping as your foot makes contact with the floor. If there is too much noise your running will be inefficient
  3. Don’t get caught up with overpronation, neutral arch or high arch support unless this has been recently advised by your health professional. There is no evidence on what a ‘normal’ arch should look like and therefore this does not need to be fussed over. Stick to what feels comfortable

-Gabrielle Boardman